Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 10, 2016

Greetings Thursday 13 players! It is March and Spring is, well, springing! Looks like winter's headed back from whence she came and we're in for an early summer, give or take a cold night or two.

Thursday 13 is an easy meme. Just make a list of 13 things. Topic doesn't matter. You can post pictures, names of birds, list your relatives - we like it all!

So sign up with Mr. Linky after the Fun Fact and join in! We'll come around for a Springtime visit to see what you are up to!
Fun Fact

On March 10, 1917, an earthquake with the magnitude of 6.3 hit Long Beach, California, killing an estimated 140 people.

And here's Mr. Linky!


  1. I heard the peepers for the first time yesterday!

  2. very hot here already 90 a month early ugh blessings to you and yours


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