Wednesday, October 17, 2018

October 18, 2018

Welcome to Thursday 13! This is one of the longest-running memes on the Internet and we're happy to have you join us.

To play, simply make a list of 13 things on Thursday. Topic is your choice. Check the top of the blog for an idea list if you're stuck.

If you are interested in helping to host this, please email CountryDew @ CountryDew is getting tired. Thanks!

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Today's Fact

On October 18, 1851, a London publisher released a 927-page epic sea yarn, 'The Whale,' by American author Herman Melville. The US edition was published a month later, almost 300 pages shorter, and re-titled 'Moby-Dick.' While it was later hailed as one of the greatest novels ever written, initial sales were poor.

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  1. Country still high 9o's and hundreds and still rebuilding home endless hahahah


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