Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 29, 2017

Welcome Thursday 13 players! We hope you are enjoying these  last glorious days of June and readying yourselves for the hot July to come.

Thursday 13 is easy - just list 13 things. We don't care what the topic is, so go for it. If you need ideas, check the topic list at the top of the blog.

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Today's Fact

On June 29, 1967, a trial in England ended that sent two members of the Rolling Stones, a famous rock and roll group, to jail. During a drug bust at guitarist Keith Richard's home, no "Indian hemp" was actually found, and singer Mick Jagger had only four amphetamine pills, but they were both convicted and sentenced to prison, Jagger for three months and Richards a year. They spent only two days in prison before the convictions were thrown out.

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