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Need a Topic Idea?

Want to play Thursday 13 but can't think of anything? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Favorites: list your favorite of these (or do the opposite and list the ones you don't like)

race cars/race car drivers
type of car/vehicles you've owned or would like to own
ink pens
apps for your phone
TV shows
video games
things that make you happy
things that make you sad
things that make you feel fulfilled
things that keep you honest
things that are bad/good
pet peeves
Bible verses
plants of other kinds

Other ideas

things that are on your mind.

13 sentences about anything. Or simply 13 words.

Start with the alphabet and go through 13 letters, using the first one to jump-start your list (you can begin anywhere in the alphabet and move through it).

Hobbies - give a step-by-step explanation of how you do something you enjoy.

Explain how you do anything else, step by step.

things you did on a trip.

things about a health topic.

things no one knows about you.

things everyone knows about you.

things that happened in a month/day/year.

costumes you've made/worn/would like to wear

political hot topics (be warned this may bring about comments you don't want)

things you need to do

things you have done

places you'd like to visit or have visited

your bucket list

stuff on your desk

items in your refrigerator

things in your kitchen

items in your keepsake collection

the best experiences of your life

things to eat or things you want to eat but haven't (chocolate covered ants, anyone?)

things you're grateful for/things you're not grateful for

how you'd fix the world

things that are right with the world

things you have achieved/would like to achieve

concerts you've seen

how you'd spend money if you won the lottery

fictional worlds you'd like to visit

things you want to do but haven't

people you'd like to meet

things you want to do but don't

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