Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August 2, 2018

Welcome to Thursday 13.

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Today's Fact

On August 2, 1353, Olivier de Clisson was beheaded in Paris after being found guilty of treason in a controversial trial. His wife, Jeanne de Clisson, took her revenge on the French king by raising her 'Black Fleet' and becoming an impressively successful pirate plying the English Channel, hunting down French ships.

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  1. Good for Madam de Clisson! And Thanks to you, CountryDew!
    My offering published WAY to early.. I picked the wrong day when setting it. :(

  2. wow my my powerful woman nice job every week I no longer get links to comments -any idea why ?/

    1. Blogger broke that and hasn't fixed it, as best I can tell.

  3. And i agree, good for madame de clisson. Go, pirates.


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