Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 19, 2017

It's Thursday 13 time once again! Welcome to the middle of January and the year's third installment of one of the easiest memes on the Internet!

Make a list of 13 things, or write out 13 thoughts, or put up 13 photos - heck, we don't care what your topic is or anything! You can tell us about 13 different kinds of marbles if you want. Topics covered by past players include books, crafts, arts of all kinds, the stuff on your desk, favorite quotes, and sometimes just words from the dictionary!

So sign up with Mr. Linky after Today's Fact and join in the fun. Hope to see you on Thursday 13!
Today's Fact

On January 19, 1883, Roselle, New Jersey became the first town to use overhead electrical lines to light up the darkness. The lines, put in place by Thomas Edison, soon became standard as the United States and the world moved from candles and gas lights (though not gaslighting) to electricity.
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  1. OMG. I totally thought Tuesday was Wednesday and so posted my Thursday on Tuesday!

  2. Thanks for the cool fact on electricity.


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